Las Vegas, NV |

Inexpensive, Stylish, Decent Quality

My experience with Genesis has been great! We just bought a second bed from them; both have been built of solid, durable materials.
For the price paid, the construction is obviously going to be of lesser quality than furniture from Broyhill, Lane, etc., and some assembly is required.
Still, our original bed has been sturdy and squeak-free and of much higher quality than anything I’ve seen at Target or Wal-Mart. Maybe Ikea would be a better choice if there were an Ikea store in Las Vegas, but I doubt you’d get much better quality or value. At least you can assess the quality of Genesis products by visiting the store in person. Keep in mind that it’s unfair to generalize. They, like any other store, have a fairly wide range of manufacturers and various models throughout that range, all pegged to a specific price point. As for the return policy, I’m sure it’s clearly stated on the contract you sign at the time of purchase. Fortunately, we’ve yet to need to return anything.