Tony T.

Las Vegas, NV |
I was recently shopping for a sofa bed that is on the low end of the price range, but with better quality than what is available at your typical Walmart. Since my car was getting fixed at the mechanic, I decided to check out all the furniture stores on the walk home.
After stopping at a few of them, anyone with minimal education or street smart would be able to come to the conclusion that they all sell furniture store from catalogs and arrange it to be delivered from California.  Of course, some furniture stores have arrangements with more vendors than others, but for the most part the same basic sampling of catalogs are all the same.
So with the same basic selections all being the same, the price quoted all in the same ballpark, the only significant deciding factor is customer service.  I picked up genuinely good vibes on my scouting visiting, and on subsequent visits with my friend that pattern continued.  Plus the owner offered us a great deal that made the purchasing decision a no brainer.  We arranged for in store pick-up and the item was shipped to their store in just 3 business days.

So I would totally recommend this retailer for your catalog furniture shopping needs.